Trauma is a Serious Physical and Mental Health Crisis

Video Credit:Ted Talk Trauma is a Health Crisis This video alongside research and evidence, supports severe trauma is not a rarity, but an epidemic affecting the physical and mental health of many. So, society needs to start treating it as such. What if trauma was addressed as part of health care? What if trauma wasContinue reading “Trauma is a Serious Physical and Mental Health Crisis”

Evaluating Beliefs Left By Trauma

Evaluating Beliefs Left By Trauma Trauma Can Leave Survivors with False Beliefs Trauma often leaves survivors with false and damaging beliefs about themselves, others, and the world around them. Why is this important? Our beliefs affect our thoughts and our thoughts dictate our actions. Negative beliefs can ultimately lead us to make choices that hurtContinue reading “Evaluating Beliefs Left By Trauma”

What Can We Do When We Are Triggered?

As trauma survivors, our trauma impacts us long after the actual events take place. The trauma we endured is remembered by not only our mind, but our body as well. We often experience triggers as a symptom of our trauma. What is a trigger? A trigger is something that reminds us of our traumatic experiencesContinue reading “What Can We Do When We Are Triggered?”